Maria Botea Photography

Maria Botea is a Freelance Photographer and a Landscape Architect based in Athens, Greece.

Photography is a great passion and a unique way of expession but also has served as a mentor in her life by teaching her the importance of living in the present and the significance of observation.
As Maria says “Photography has opened my eyes to the beauty of this world and has always led me to chase the light, but also in balance to make use of the shadows”.

Maria is working as a photographer since 2006, she has participated in several photo contests and group exhibitions (Unesco, Photovision, Municipality of Glyfada, FLL).
Through these years she attented numerous workshops and seminars and worked with distinguished professionals such as Alex Tsitouridis (http://www.ilovestardust.gr/), George Myriagos & Alexandros Vogiatzakis (http://www.athensartstudio.gr), Despina Klouva (http://www.notios.gr/) and others.

If you are looking for an affordable and friendly professional photographer, that could capture your most joyful moments or any type of event, then Maria would be more than happy, through her camera, to make your memories last in time.

Maria Botea Photography

The soul cannot think without a picture – Aristotle


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