10 little things I miss from Thailand

DSC_0329 - Αντίγραφο copy1) Freshly squeezed juice. Pineapple, mango, melon or any fruit that thrives in a tropical climate, iced and cool on your beach bar table. Authentic flavors that you can’t really enjoy back home. Perhaps because they should be consumed during the midday heat, with the humidity of the jungle on your skin and a ceiling fan to stir your hair

DSC_0463 copy2) Street-food. Frying fumes of sesame oil, generator buzzes, garland lights, sweet and spicy scents floating through the humid atmosphere, while meowing voices explain you that it costs only ten Baaaat!

3) Thai Massage. On the beach, inside an open wooden kiosk, with the fans taking away the heat, while listening to the song of the cicadas. This could be my definition of absolute relaxation….

DSC_0157 copy4) Lan thom. You can find these little white flowers in many gardens of Thailand. They carried such a lovely smell and feeling of freshness that it almost hurt trying to breathe so much beauty all at once.shoes-offPhoto credits: http://www.thaizer.com

5) Being barefoot. Everywhere! In restaurants, cafes, stores, like I said … everywhere! Leaving your sandals on the entrance as you shop barefoot in a mini market is a really liberating feeling as well as a kind of sensational experience.

DSC_0385 copy6) Beach Bars. Μade of reed and wood, with little garlands of colorful lights, psychedelic drawings highlighted by blue lights, torches on the beach, sandals on the door step, hammocks, reggae tunes, crickets, frozen Mai Tai’s, beautiful people just under the stars…

dsc_0726-monkeyd7) Gecko. The night call for a female companion, every night, same time, same frequency, inflating with the same pride. Oak oaou…!

8) Fish. From the color feast down to the seabed, to its exquisite taste, cooked with lemongrass and sprinkled with peppery spices.

DSC_0721 copy9) Sunsets. Every day a new artwork is formed in the palette of the sky

10) Smiles. Smiling energy everywhere, with painted cheeks and noses, gracious eyes and hands clasped in prayer

A.A. 🙂

This post is also available in Greek


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