Morocco Collection

A kingdom of wonders lying in the northwest corner of Africa. The land of spice-scented mystery and medieval kasbahs, wirh a beautiful & unique culture, resulting from a Berber-Arab-Spanish-Portuguese-French melting pot, Morocco is also known as the exotic getaway on Europe’s doorstep. Explore our journey through the amazing cities of Rabat, capital of Morocco, the blue city of Chefchaouen and Fes, one of the World’s Heritage sites.

#Chefchaouen - #MoroccoKasbah des Oudaias in #Rabat - #MoroccoKasbah des Oudaias in #Rabat - #MoroccoBreakfast in #Fez - #MoroccoKasbah des Oudaias in #Rabat - #Morocco#Chefchaouen - #Morocco#Chefchaouen - #Morocco#Chefchaouen - #Morocco#Chefchaouen - #MoroccoBeautiful girl looking at us in #Chefchaouen - #MoroccoThe blue gate in #Fez - #Morocco#Fez - #Morocco.

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8 thoughts on “Morocco Collection

      • Thank you! I don’t know if you feel the same way, but I completely feel that lenses with smaller ranges (17-50, 18-55, or even fixed lenses) produce higher quality photos!

      • I totaly agree! Plus for beginers like myself, small range lenses are easier to handle. However, when I visit areas that are not very friendly for tourists I use a broken pocket Sony with 5.4-16.2mm lens. Even though the quality might not be as great, the theme is usualy much more intriguing! In Morocco there was no need for that so I think most of them, if not all of them, were taken with my Nikon.

    • Thank you @SendingPostcardsHome! Morocco is really unique since it combines amazing architecture, a wonderfull divercity of scenery and an intriguing history. I cannot say it was a difficult place to travel. On the contrary, there is top class touristic infostructure, busses and trains were always on time and the Moroccan people are very friendly to foreigners. Sadly we did not have enough time to visit more rural sites on the south as well as the Sahara desert, but Morocco is so close to Europe and pretty afordable to reach so I thing we will be able to give it another try in the near future!

      • I also had this in mind before visiting Morocco but was pleasently surprised to find everything much easier than expected. The only issue is that it’s a big country with so much to see, so you need to have time to go around and it might get uncomfordable when using public transportation for long hours. The best option always is to rent a car if you have an international licence (we didn’t). I do hope you will visit this beautiful country someday.

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